Director Brad Rosier and I grew up together, dreaming of making movies. Unlike me, he didn’t wait around, dragging his feet: he just decided one day to write, produce, and direct a feature-length film as his first effort. Several years and a lot of pain and suffering later, he produced Currency, a feature-length movie that toured the festival circuit and was well-received. I’m proud to have been a part of production and to have helped out in the final revising phase of the editing process (nothing like coming in at the 11th hour, after all the arduous, hard work is out of the way, and giving notes on refinements and switcheroos, holding a caramel macchiatto in my hand and never once touching a keyboard).

I was so anxious when we sat down after years for him to show me the rough cut. I remember when it was all over we both just paced nervously for a few minutes in his living room and then I said, “Brad… it’s a real movie. It really is!” And now that real movie has distribution and you can watch it on Amazon and iTunes. And now Brad all but disowns it as a first “amateurish” effort–but what an outrageously polished first film! And his work has only gotten better…