It was a pleasure doing a video for this curiously named band, The Flying DeSelms (no relation). This was my first attempt at doing rotoscope animation (all the animations on the desk are from me essentially “tracing” live-action footage I shot). I just thought, “Meh, yeah. I could probably do that!” And… amazingly it was about as tim-consuming as I had anticipated it would be–though, granted, it’s quite rudimentary. But I am proud of my simple roto animation.

Random Notes:

  • I came up with the idea for throwing the leaking red pen after we had finished shooting. So I quickly threw my DSLR on a tripod in my apartment and filmed my hand throwing a broken red pen over my table (not having learned my lesson from the Wannado video, and still not using a green screen or something to assist in cutting out objects from the scene). It seems to have worked out well enough, as no one has ever suspected that such a simple action was actually a special effect.