I was busy with much less interesting (but I suspect more profitable) work when Joe was animating this video, so I missed out on the stop motion portion of the video. It was interesting coming into one of these music videos only after the animation was done (I was so busy at the time I never was even able to visit the production with this gorgeous set and models). I did mostly minor compositing tweaks, but primarily I added flying bills as the panda made it rain on Cee Lo.

Random Notes:

  • If you look carefully, in the opposing "exhibit" you can spot a museum of models we used in previous music videos. At 0:34 you can spot the globe and monitor we used in the Houndmouth video. At 3:08 you can see Jake One's spaceship from the Tuxedo music video.
  • A large part of my labor was put into creating a closing credit sequence for the video with 3D elements. When we sent over the draft of the video, Jack Splash casually mentioned that he wanted the credit sequence to feature the eyeball from his album art. Since I didn't have any time to work on it, Joe and Mike completed the credit sequence that actually made the final video in one night. Aaaaaand it's the best credit sequence of anything we've ever worked on by far--although I will always have a soft spot for the video game sequence I created with Joe's 8-bit music track at the end of Tuxedo's Right Time video.